Sacramento County Charter


We, the People of the County of Sacramento, State of California, for the purpose of framing a fundamental law for its own government under the Constitution and laws of this State do ordain and establish this Charter for Sacramento County.

Note: The Charter was adopted in 1933. It is included here for convenience and is not a part of the Sacramento County Code. The following text includes all of the charter amendments listed in the History of Charter Amendments which follows the Charter herein.

​Article I. Name and Rights of the C​ounty​

  Sec. 1. County Powers.
  Sec. 2. Exercise of Powers.

  Sec. 3. County Na​​me.

​​Article II. Supervisors​

  Sec. 4. Number, Elections.​

Article III. Supervisors Districts​

  Sec. 5. District Boundaries.

Article IV. General Provisions Concerning Supervisors

  Sec. 6. Supervisor Qualifications.
  Sec. 7. Vacancies.
  Sec. 8. Boundary Changes.
  Sec. 9. Supervisor Terms.
  Sec. 10. Supervisor Compensation.
  Sec. 11. Board Chairman, Quorum.
  Sec. 12. Not Eligible for County Positions.
​  Sec. 13. Regular Meetings. 

Article V. General Powers of the Board of Supervisors

  Sec. 14. Powers Generally.
  Sec. 15. Specific Powers.
  Sec. 15A. Blanketing Employees into Civil Service.
  Sec. 15B. Campaign Contributions and Expenditures. 

Article VI. County Executive

  Sec. 16. Creation of Office, Qualifications.
  Sec. 17. Vacancy, Appointment of Replacement.
  Sec. 18. Removal.

  ​Sec. 19. Term of Office and Salary. 

Article VII. Powers and Duties of County Executive

  Sec. 20. General Powers and Duties.
  Sec. 21. Additional Powers and Duties.
  Sec. 22. Advertising and Exploiting Resources of County.
  Sec. 23. Limitation in Powers. 

Article VIII. County Officers Other than Supervisors

  Sec. 24. Elective County Officers.
  Sec. 25. Appointive County Officers, Boards and Commissions.
  Sec. 26. Supervisorial Appointments.
  Sec. 27. County Executive Appointments.
  Sec. 27A. Superintendent of Schools.
  Sec. 28. Expiration of Present Terms of Office.
  Sec. 29. Tenure of Office.
  Sec. 30. Probation Officer and Probation Committee.
  Sec. 31. Vacancy in Elective Office-​How Filled.
  Sec. 32. Vacancy in Appointive Office-How Filled.
  Sec. 33. Method of Suspension and Removal of Appointive Officers.
  Sec. 34. Annual Salaries of Elective Officers.
  Sec. 35. Salaries of Appointive Officers.
  Sec. 36. Appointments.
  Sec. 37. Uniform Rate of Pay.
  Sec. 37A. Compensation and Positions; Board Actions.
  Sec. 38. Court Reporters.
  ​Sec. 39. Payment of Fees into County Treasury. 

Article IX. Powers and Duties of Officers Other Than Supervisors

  Sec. 40. General Powers and Duties.
  Sec. 40A. Assessor, Plat Book.
  Sec. 41. Appointment and Removal of Subordinates.
  Sec. 42. District Attorney.
  Sec. 43. Engineer.
  Sec. 44. Auditor.
  Sec. 45. Purchasing Agent.
  Sec. 45A. Repealed. (See Article XVI)​

Article X. Fiscal Procedure​

  Sec. 46. Budget.
  Sec. 47. Repealed. (1957)
  Sec. 48. County Executive to Prescribe Forms.
  Sec. 49. Emergency Appropriation. 

Article XI. Roads and Highways 

Sec. 50. Consolidation of Existing Road Districts.
Sec. 51. County Engineer to be Ex Officio Road Commissioner.
Sec. 52. Powers and Duties of County Engineer, as Ex Officio Road Commissioner.
Sec. 53. Engineer to Approve Claims for Road Works.
Sec. 54. Duty of Board of Supervisors to Adopt Ordinances.
Sec. 55. Special Districts. 

Article XII. Health Services 

Sec. 56. Repealed.
Sec. 57. Repealed.
Sec. 58. Repealed.
Sec. 59. Health Services. 

Article XIII. Social Service 

Sec. 60. Superintendent of Social Service. 

Article XIV. Labor and Employment 

Sec. 61. Discrimination Prohibited.
Sec. 62. Hours on Public Works.
Sec. 63. Employee Compensation.
Sec. 64. Employment of Noncitizens.
Sec. 65. Absences.
Sec. 66. Enforced Labor Prohibited.
Sec. 67. State Laws Applicable. 

Article XV. Township Officers 

Sec. 68. Judicial Townships and Justices of the Peace.
Sec. 69. Constables.
Sec. 70. Compensation of Justices of the Peace and Constables. 

Article XVI. Personnel Administration 

Sec. 71-A. Civil Service Commission.
Sec. 71-B. Commission Powers and Duties.
Sec. 71-C. Administration.
Sec. 71-D. County Civil Service.
Sec. 71-E. Classification.
Sec. 71-F. Selection.
Sec. 71-G. Probationary Periods.
Sec. 71-H. Removal, Suspension or Reduction.
Sec. 71-I. Construction of Civil Service Provisions.
Sec. 71-J. Contracting for Services 

Article XVII. Election, Initiative, Referendum and Recall 

Sec. 72. Nomination and Election.
Sec. 73. Initiative and Referendum.
Sec. 74. Recall. 

Article XVIII. Miscellaneous 

Sec. 75. Cooperation with County Executive.
Sec. 76. Traveling Expenses.
Sec. 77. Ineligibility to Hold Office.
Sec. 78. Attention to Duties.
Sec. 79. Repealed.
Sec. 80. Political Activity.
Sec. 81. County Vehicles.
Sec. 82. Non-Interference with County Executive.
Sec. 83. Preference to Sacramento County Products.
Sec. 84. Repealed.
Sec. 85. Liberal Construction.
Sec. 86. Captions to Articles and Sections.
Sec. 87. No Salary during Suspension.
Sec. 88. Coroner - Conflict of Interest.
Sec. 89. Ordinances.
Sec. 90. Effective Date of Charter.
Sec. 91. Declaration of Policy.
Sec. 92. Employees Covered.
Sec. 93. Obligation to Negotiate in Good Faith.
Sec. 94. Impasse Resolution Procedures.
Sec. 95. Voter Approval of Certain Arbitrated Labor Contracts. 

History of Charter Amendments ​